Tuesday, April 14, 2020

A to Z Joy: Leos and Lions

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Having a mid-August birthday places me in the astrological sign Leo. With the Sun as cosmic ruler, Leos tend to have big, dramatic personalities, which doesn't really describe me. I will claim some of these strengths, however:

Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous.

And, frankly, these weaknesses aren't too far-fetched, either, though I hope I keep them in check more often than not:

Arrogant, stubborn, self-centered, lazy, inflexible

I'm not a big believer in astrology as a whole, but it's fun trivia, and being a Leo does instill in me a sense of pride, haha. Which brings me to the actual lions.

The African Lion (Panthera leo) is the only big cat to live in groups called prides, which typically include 3 or 4 males, a dozen or so females, and their young. The females are the primary hunters and leaders. The males protect and defend the pride's territory by peeing, roaring (which can be heard five miles away), chasing away trespassers, and fighting when necessary.

Sadly, it is estimated that there are fewer than 25,000 lions in Africa today, half as many as there were 25 years ago. Lions are vulnerable to poisoning, poaching, trophy hunting, destruction of habitat, and the effects of civil war, all caused by humans. The good news is that many other humans are very invested in conservation efforts to protect these majestic animals.

Here's a short lion video narrated by the wonderful Sir David Attenborough:


  1. Sweet video clip! I'll never understand why people would want to kill these incredible creatures.

    1. I don't get it, either. It's no "trophy."

  2. Our birthdays aren't that far apart as I am a Leo as well :)

    1. It's funny to think that my summer birthday is your winter birthday!

    2. I'd much rather a summer birthday!!