Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Way to Grow, April Edition

Hello, friends! April is National Lawn and Garden month. In Colorado, it's still a bit early for planting most garden-y things, but there are plenty of other ways to grow between now and May.

The Blogging from A to Z Challenge: If you're doing it, great. If you're not, it's still a fun way to meet new bloggers and expand your blog's reach.

National Poetry Month: Poets are to words what composers are to music. They reveal so much of what makes us human, they evoke emotion, teach, commiserate, celebrate. Read some poems, write some poems. (You don't have to show them to anyone.)

Jazz Appreciation Month: Jazz is such an amazing blend of music and history. It is a very broad genre, stylistically and geographically, with something for everyone, even people who say they don't like jazz. It's also excellent writing music.

National Humor Month: Laughter is good for our bodies and our mental health. Stop by your library or bookstore and pick up something by your favorite funny writer. And for children, check out these resources from the Certified Laughter Reader Literacy Program.

National Afternoon Tea Month: Do you know what goes great with tea? Books! Do you know what goes great with books? Tea! It's a win-win!

World Autism Awareness Month: In the past few years, neurodivergent stories, characters, and authors have found much wider distribution in the book world, which is wonderful and overdue. (Hah, a little library humor for you.) The Seattle Public Library has put together this list, Scary Mommy has these suggested reads, and a quick internet search will return many more.

If these suggestions for April don't inspire you, keep digging (it's National Safe Digging Month!). Pecans, soft pretzels, celery, guitars, canine fitness. April has something for everyone.

Stay safe and well. See you soon!