Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Brush-Off

Despite the occasional winters when we measure snowfall in feet instead of inches, Colorado's climate is classified as semi-arid. On the Front Range where I live, we typically enjoy lots of sunshine, relatively low humidity, and more wind than we want--all of which conspire to dry out our skin. It's easy to identify visitors, for they are constantly using lip balm and hand lotion, and blinking rapidly as their tears evaporate at the speed of light.

I'm no stranger to dry skin and have tried many lotions and potions to cure it. Exfoliation helps a lot, and we're very familiar with shower poufs in these parts. But I had never tried the technique known as dry brushing.

Dry brushing can be traced back to the ancient healing system of Ayurveda (ditto oil pulling). It is credited with all kinds of benefits, including smoother skin, reduced stress and chronic pain, lymph detoxification, better sleep and digestion, increased circulation, and Hulk-like strength. (Wait, that last one is caused by gamma radiation).

It's simple to do: using long, not-too-firm strokes, brush the skin from the extremities toward the heart. Easy-peasey. In fact, the most difficult part about it was choosing the brush. Most of them are made from animal hair (usually boar) or some kind of plant fiber. I've been known to have skin reactions to both those things, so after much searching, I settled on a brush with silicone bristles.

For seven days, I brushed once in the morning and once at night. And, boy, does my lymph feel detoxed! Just kidding, I have no idea if that part works. But my skin is noticeably softer. The silicone bristles worked better than I thought they might, although the brush does have a bit of a weird plastic smell.

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All in all, dry brushing was a pleasant surprise, and I will keep at it. Especially during the winter, when the furnace tries to turn me into a potato chip.

This week is a Take It.

No Buy July update:

I resisted Amazon Prime day, Google Express shopping day, and Target Deal Days with no problem. I did give in, however, and buy the swim gear I want for Florida because I knew if I waited until August, it would be sold out. It feels like a necessary purchase, however, because my only previous trip to Florida resulted in a lobster-like sunburn. So, bring on the dorky long-sleeved swim shirt!

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