Wednesday, July 24, 2019

As Easy as Riding a Bike

When I was young, I rode my bike everywhere. That was back in the day before cell phones, when packs of kids roamed the neighborhoods on wheels, not returning home until it was too dark to see. When my boys were young, I rode with them--to school, to parks, to the pool, to Dairy Queen. Some of my favorite memories are of watching them lock up their little bikes at the elementary school bike racks before heading into class.

See the source imageAs they grew older and more independent, they rode off with their friends, and then drove off with their friends. Time passed, and I recently realized how seldom I get on my bike anymore. So the challenge this past week was to fit a daily ride into my schedule.

First of all, I didn't forget how, so maybe that old axiom is true, after all. And even though it was a hot week with some wild weather thrown in, which didn't make for ideal conditions, I was able to at least cruise around the neighborhood like an aimless teenager. I had hoped to make time for a longer ride, but circumstances conspired against me. I was, however, able to participate in a work ride to our local botanical garden, which was fun and different.

I really enjoyed my time on the bike this week. Being generally realistic, I know that I will never be one of those people who bikes everywhere--to work, to the market, to the movies. But that's okay. I live in a very bike-friendly community, and there are plenty of others around to pick up my slack. I'm also a fair-weather rider. If I think I might get struck by lightning, pelted by hailstones, slip on ice, or have to make headway straight into gale-force winds, no thanks. Nor will I ever be one of those bikers in stretchy shorts, because, well, a lot of reasons. But now I am newly inspired to head out on some of the 30+ miles of local trails more often.

This week is at least a more frequent Take It.

No-Buy July update:

I really had the urge to buy a bonsai tree from a van at a gas station, because how random is that? It seemed really funny to be able to say, "check out this bonsai I bought from a van at a gas station." But I didn't need a gas-station bonsai, and--surprise, surprise--it wasn't on my list. So I didn't buy it.

Have a good week!


  1. I finally got a new bike about 2 years ago. I think I've ridden it once. I keep meaning to, but I just don't think of it tucked away in the garage. I must make an effort!

    1. You totally should! (And sorry if I've given you new-bike guilt!)