Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Weekly Roundup 19: Sporting News

As my husband could tell you, I enjoy watching sports, but I can't stand listening to people talk about sports. This includes pre- and post-game analysis, interviews, press conferences, radio shows, random speculation, and any casual sports-related conversations that might cross my awareness. 

In general, I feel that sports news should not even be called news.

But when the real news is as stressful as it has been lately, a few nice sports stories aren't a bad thing.

For example, the Women's National Basketball Association--the WNBA, or just W--has instituted a charter flight program so their players no longer have to fly commercial. 

20-year-old US Open Tennis Champion Coco Gauff is preparing to vote in her first presidential election and encouraging young people to do the same.

Grey racehorses are not very common, but Seize the Grey won the Preakness Stakes last weekend. It was the first Triple Crown win for the jockey Jaime Torres, who has only been riding professionally for two years.

And this amazing story of the baseball fan who caught two consecutive foul balls:


Be a good sport this week!

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