Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Weekly Roundup 3: Yellow Snow

Hello there! How's your week going? Have an eye on the January finish line? It's coming! In the meantime, sports fans have plenty to keep them interested, what with NFL playoffs and the Australian Open and college basketball. When I sit down to watch sports, I'll often have a book in my lap. It feels more productive that way, even if I have to read the same page more than once or keep asking my husband what happened in the game/match :-)

Submission Sunday: To keep my word of the year at the front of my mind and action list, I've made it my mission to not let a Sunday go by without submitting something I've written to someone, somewhere. It makes me feel better to start the week with at least one under my belt.

Fail to Plan, Plan to... I'm trying to make the most of my desk planner calendar, not only for my daily schedule, but also tracking my writing time, submissions, inspirations, exercise, etc. It's a binder style, so I can add pages and move sections around. I write with colored markers, and it's kind of fun to look back at the end of a week and see something other than, ugh, the dreaded white page. (Although I still have some of those, too.)

Yellow Snow: Scientists have discovered what makes snow yellow! Well, actually they discovered the enzyme that turns bilirubin into urobilinogen, which is what makes pee yellow. And that enzyme is produced by bacteria in the gut. This article from EarthSky is a fascinating look at a process that helps keep us healthy.

Have a great week!

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