Wednesday, February 2, 2022

February Seed Update

 Guess what, friends? I have sprouts!

Only three so far, and they're still tiny. But seeing them reminds me that spring will come eventually. And that makes today's weather a little easier to handle.

As we ease into February, I'm also thinking of ways to grow better habits. Google, of course, has hundreds of suggestions, but this one caught my eye:

Plan your day the night before

I don't often do this unless I have an unusually big day ahead. But planning the ordinary days is just as important. It's so easy for me to lose a sense of accountability when the daily stakes feel small. So, planning my day the night before is my #GrowGoal for February!

Have a wonderful week, and thanks for all good the seed-sprouting vibes!



  1. Yay, seedlings!! I hope they continue to shoot up :)

    I usually plan everyday the next day - mostly because everyday is crazy busy. I hope when I'm not responsible for 2 Barbarians life will settle more. I'd love a day where I didn't have to write out my list the night before, lol (although it is a great strategy - I wouldn't get half as much done if I didn't do it).

    1. Things will settle for you one of these days, but I hope you keep your good habits of staying organized. (This said as someone who sometimes struggles to do that!)