Friday, May 21, 2021

Roadblock Season

Every spring, when we're (mostly) done with snowy weather, road construction season begins. Orange traffic cones pop up as prolifically as dandelions. Unexpected road closures and detours make getting from point A to point B a little more challenging. 

This is customary and expected, and it doesn't stress me out too much, unless I'm running late. My real problem this year is that the biggest roadblock in my life right now is...


Yep, I'm standing in my own way, impeding my progress as effectively as any "road closed" sign. Have you ever driven by a highway construction zone, creeping along behind a giant RV from Oklahoma for miles and miles, and it doesn't even appear that there's any actual road work being done?

That's my writing life right now!

To stretch this road metaphor, I've found myself at the intersection of discipline and passive resistance. Every time discipline gives that polite "go ahead" wave, resistance says, "no you first, I have (insert nonessential task here) to do." And on it goes.

I have things I need to do. Thing I want to do. I'm just not doing them.

Partly, I blame the enticing spring weather, which is a most welcome relief from pandemic winter. Growing season in Colorado is fairly short, and I have been working on getting flowers and veggies planted. But most of the blame rests squarely on my not-yet-sunburned shoulders.

Time for me to dust off 2021's word of the year again. The good news is that just as every ending can inspire a new beginning, every stop can inspire a fresh start.

How's your productivity these days? Are you running into any roadblocks?


  1. I am too, although I can't blame enticing spring weather. Weather does play a factor though...short and cold days for us. The house is cold and I don't cope in the cold.

    1. A cold house is no good! Pretty soon, we'll be at the time of the year when I'm cold indoors because of air conditioning and hot outside because of summer. Spring is my happy medium :-)

  2. My spring fever has even extended into the garden/flower beds. I have grass growing into the boxes, weeds galore, and no get-up-and-go. This too shall pass and we'll get back to work. Won't we?

    1. We will, Pat! There will always be weeds, but thank goodness there will also always be writing :-)