Friday, April 24, 2020

A to Z Joy: Unexpected

I realize that not all unexpected things are good. Unexpected expenses, unexpected delays and cancellations, oh, and unexpected weight gain, that's a great one, right? But I really delight in the small, unexpected things that make life interesting, whimsical, and fun.

Like this young man playing the bagpipes on a ferry to Vancouver Island:

Or this giant toadstool nestled in the grass:

Or this koi pond at a quirky indoor/outdoor market in Sedona, Arizona:

Or opening the refrigerator to discover that my son accidentally put the ice cream there instead of the freezer:

Because I'm a visual person, I like it when the unexpected catches my eye. But there are other things, too: a delicious bottle of bargain wine, a text from a friend I haven't heard from in a while, finding $20 in the pocket of my jeans, getting all the green lights on a trip across town. 

Wishing you a bit of unexpected joy today!

My second choice for U is Utah, because I've seen some of the most amazing natural beauty there. This is a picture of Delicate Arch, which even looks like an upside-down letter U. Thanks, Utah!


  1. I love unexpected things too. My most recent is that something in my pot of flowers has seeded and I have lots of little seedlings sprouting...I have no idea which flower they are.

    1. Oh, mystery sprouts! That's fun! I once had a random head of lettuce grow in my yard. I didn't have a garden at the time and have no idea where the seed came from.

  2. These are great unexpected surprises! Yesterday, as we walked back from the park, a man was sitting on his porch steps playing the accordion. It was such a lovely, unexpected surprise.